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Timeshare Fishings

Valuable new market place for timeshare fishings

Timeshare is a term usually associated with slick salesmen hard selling apartments in holiday destinations and not the sedate and civilised world of salmon fishing.

It has however been an important feature of Scottish salmon rivers over the past 30 years or so. Just like other timeshare ventures, timeshare fishings were set up in the early years by entrepreneurs who saw the opportunity to maximise the value of a capital asset, in this case a salmon fishing beat, by dividing it up into weeks and selling anglers the right to secure fishing either for a period of years or in perpetuity.

This idea proved popular and following the success of a number of the early schemes estates with prime salmon beats recognised the potential to raise significant capital sums without actually selling the asset.

Consequently timeshare schemes generally fall into 2 categories. The weeks in those schemes which were set up by entrepreneurs usually give the owner of a week a right in perpetuity. In other words he or she owns a “pro indiviso” share of the beat. The weeks in schemes set up by estates are usually held on leases which vary in length but typically were originally between 25 and 100 years. This means that subsequent generations will secure vacant possession of the fishings once more when the leases come to an end.

Today there are timeshare schemes on many of Scotland’s salmon rivers ranging from the best known waters of the Tweed, Tay, Dee and Spey to small west coast or Highland spate rivers. The choice is therefore very wide and there is an active market in the sale and purchase of weeks. In some cases individual rods are tradeable whilst in others you have to buy the whole week which may include as many as 6 or more rods.

The value of a week is based on the 5 year average catch. Naturally those weeks in perpetuity generally command higher prices. Typical values on prime beats on rivers such as the Tweed, Tay and Spey are as follows:

Lease                                     £3000-£6500/fish.

Pro indiviso ownership             £5000-£7000/fish.

There are of course variations which reflect the time of year, the quality of the beat and the quality of the facilities etc. Where individual rods are sold they are usually valued as a proportion of the catch recorded for that week. In other words if a 4 rod week has a 5 year average of 10 fish valued at £5000/fish, the value of one rod is likely to be £12,500.

It should be noted that in all cases there is an annual management charge payable to cover the running costs of the beat. These costs include ghillies’ wages, bank and hut maintenance, boat and vehicle running costs etc. Most schemes are run by management committees.

Whilst weeks with high catches can be very valuable indeed and justify individual marketing when for sale, the value of some individual rods can be relatively low. In order to create a cost effective market place for timeshare owners, a pioneer of timeshare schemes, has created a dedicated website, giving instant access to those interested in acquiring rods or weeks whilst providing sellers with a low cost means of marketing their fishings.

Please use the 'contact us' tab on the main menu for further information, prices and terms and conditions regarding advertising your fishing's on - Scotland's online portal for buying and selling timeshare fishing's.